Extreme Physics

Extreme Physics

Dive into a black hole, see space and time rip at the seams, and explore the hidden dynamics of the most violent events in our universe.

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Extreme Physics

5 Videos

  • The Largest Black Holes in the Universe

    Meet the new record-holder for the largest black hole known in the universe. It weighs in at an estimated 21 billion solar masses. Find out what impact giants like these have had on the universe, galaxies, and even planets like ours. Feel the pull.

  • The Birth of a Black Hole

    It was one of the greatest mysteries in modern science: a series of brief but extremely bright flashes of ultra-high energy light coming from somewhere out in space. What can we learn from the violent birth of a black hole?

  • The Riddle of Antimatter

    Explore one of the deepest mysteries about the origin of our universe. According to standard theory, the early moments of the universe were marked by the explosive contact between subatomic particles of opposite charge.

  • Best Proof that Black Holes Exist

    Ride this 26,000 light year zoom into the heart of the Milky Way. The speeds and orbits of stars were used to calculate the mass of the central object, a black hole of 4 million solar masses.

  • The Most Powerful Objects in the Universe

    How does energy stitch the cosmos together, and how do we fit within it? This episode climbs the power scales of the universe, from atoms in the cold reaches of space to distant realms so strange and violent they challenge our imaginations.